6 September 2012  

Workers’ Party (Turkey) Deputy President Bayram Yurtçiçek stated that the “Apaydın Camp” in Hatay is a camp established to conduct and administrate terrorist and destructive activities against Syria. He went on to note that this fact, published in Turkish and foreign media, has been proved via several interviews.

Yurtçiçek said that the commanders of the terrorist group which organizes the terror activities in Syria and calls itself the ‘Free Syrian Army’ acknowledged that they are based in the ‘Apaydın Camp’ and that they are attacking Syria from this camp. Yurtçiçek filed a complaint about this camp -established illegally according to the national legislation- and about those who were responsible of the establishing of the camp.

A brief summary of the criminal complaint is below:


The governor of Hatay mentioned in a press statement that this camp is a special camp and no one could enter the camp except him.


The governor said that in these camp former soldiers and officers of the Syrian Army were settled in and the reason why the members of the parliament were not allowed to enter the camp was the special character of the camp.


The camp was opened to visit only after the necessary ‘clean up’ was made.

Despite the ‘clean up’, MHP (Milliyetçi Hareket Partisi – National Movement Party) MP and member of the Commission of Human Rights Atilla Kaya stated that he met Colonel Riyad El Esad who was declared as the commander of the ‘Free Syrian Army’ in the camp and that he was convinced that the camp was used as a logistic base.

When looked at the contact information in the website of the hit man horde which calls itself ‘Free Syrian Army’, it is seen that the ‘Main Base’ is located in ‘Hatay, Turkey’ and that the given phone number has a Turkish area code.

It is obvious that these hostile attitudes as a subcontractor of the US, harms our national interests and drags us to a state of war with our neighbours.      


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